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When B+I Line announced in 1982 that they were opening a new route between Dublin and Holyhead the news was greeted with howls of protest in the Welsh port.  With the Marine Workshops already under threat, Sealink workers, fearful for their future livelihoods, protested by blockading the entrance to Holyhead Harbour thereby preventing the Irish ship access for berthing trials.  Eventually tempers boiled over and retaliatory action took place at Dun Laoghaire when B+I crews blockaded the entrance to that port with the ferry Munster.

Who would have thought then that the future would see two of the largest ferries of in the world; Irish Ferries' Ulysses and Stena Line's Stena Adventurer, sharing the routes to Dublin Bay with high speed ferries!

Today, healthy competition exists on the crossing and relationships between the two companies, and their staff, is excellent. The presence of the "Irish Boats" has enriched the Holyhead scene and we pay tribute here to the ships and crews of B+I and its successor Irish Ferries.

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