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One of the more unusual Sealink vessels to visit Holyhead was the Harwich-based grab-dredger Landguard. Built in 1960 for the British Transport Commission by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co Ltd., the Landguard spent almost her entire career on the River Stour, but in Sealink years was to travel as far as Stranraer and Holyhead for dredging operations at her owner's ports.

On one passage to Holyhead the main engine cooling water pipe ruptured causing flooding in the bilges and forcing the vessel to stop some 28 miles from Portland Bill.  With water rising rapidly repairs were made by passing a bandage around the fractured pipe and the vessel was able to make for Weymouth for a more permanent fix. On another occasion, on passage in the Irish Sea in Force 12 conditions, a passing ship called up to advise he had just seen daylight between the Landguard's keel and the top of the waves!

With thanks to Mike Green, Ronnie Roberts and Nigel Thornton.​

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