Maid of Kent


The Maid of Kent only operated once on the Holyhead - Dun Laoghaire run but she had previously operated on the Irish Sea in April 1975 when she covered for the Ailsa Princess on the Stranraer – Larne service, also in March and October 1976 when she relieved the Dover at Fishguard. She was a beautiful looking ship and throughout her career was known as the 'Pocket Liner'.


On 30th October 1981 the Maid of Kent operated her final sailing between Weymouth - Jersey - Guernsey. On 24th November she was moved to Newhaven for lay-up pending sale. On 10th April she left Newhaven under tow for  San Estaban de Pavia, Spain for scrapping by Desguaces Aviles S.A.