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Sealink ~ Holyhead is a record of the ships, officers, crews and ports of the "sealink" between Holyhead on Anglesey, Dublin Bay in Ireland and Belfast in Northern Ireland.

The site aims to preserve the heritage upon which the present day operations to and from Holyhead is are built.

There are a number of people without whose assistance and encouragement this site would simply not be possible. Many have given repeated help, some only once, but each have in their own way made such a valuable contribution towards preserving the memory of those great British Rail and Sealink days.

To thank everyone individually would create quite a list, but I should like to mention just a few key people whose support has been warmly welcomed: Capt John Bakewell, Eleanor Evans, Capt Hugh Farrell, Michael Green, Gordon Hislip, Tony Jones, Capt Neville Lester, Capt Bill Moss, Albert Novelli, Capt Glynne Pritchard, Ian Scott-Taylor, Derry Walsh, Kenneth Whyte, Capt Ray Veno, Dr Matthew Williams and Capt Walter Lloyd Williams.

Right: Embarkation at Dun Laoghaire. The passenger looks out from the Carlisle Pier terminal, over the magnificent foc'sle with curved bulwarks of the Avalon. On the bridge wing Capt John Sinnott can be seen watching the last passengers board over the gangways. Photo: © Kenny Whyte.




Justin Merrigan MPRIA

Embarkation at Dun Laoghaire. © Kenny Whyte

Justin Merrigan grew up close to Dun Laoghaire harbour in Ireland, where the activities of the ferries were a constant source of interest.

As a schoolboy Justin once dreamed of writing books about ships and shipping. He first started writing for the magazine Sea Breezes in May 1987 and has since then written six books. With the help of his friend Tony Jones he launched the Sealink-Holyhead website in 2005.

He has worked for Stena Sealink Line, Sea Containers and Incat. He is a member of the Public Relations Institute of Australia.

Justin currently enjoys living between Queensland and Europe.

Right: The Stena Adventurer outward from Holyhead to Dublin. Photo: © Ronnie Roberts.





"Photographs and material for use on are always welcome. So what are you waiting for, share your memories and photos with a larger audience and help maintain the heritage of the Irish Sea crossing!  

Justin Merrigan, Brisbane, Queensland.



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