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Website Links

Below are sites from friends of Sealink-Holyhead; well worth a look!


Vessels at Holyhead

​Created by Ronald Roberts to observe a busy port.


Holyhead Maritime Museum

The museum is a fascinating experience for the whole family. Step back in time at the oldest lifeboat station in Wales (circa. 1858), which houses a wonderful collection of exhibits telling the enthralling maritime history of Holyhead.


Dover Ferry Photos
A website dedicated to the Port of Dover and the vessels that have operated to and from it over the years.


Irish Ships

​Recalling the heady days of Irish Shipping, B&I Line and other Irish companies.



A fine website created by a couple of people who are passionate about the village of Rhiw and its Celtic heritage. It's a beautiful village, steeped in history and culture, as we hope we've shown here. We express no political or racial bias. Any contributions by others are not necessarily our own opinion..​


Gallery of the Masters

Gallery of the Masters is a concise gallery of paintings designed as a quick reference to the masters' most popular works. It includes a fine selection of maritime art.

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