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Charles Brinsley Sheridan

When this web site was in its infancy, Capt Glynne Pritchard provided a photo from 1944 of his father, Evan R Pritchard, a chief officer on the Dun Laoghaire mail service and veteran of the the Dunkirk evacuation. The photo was taken by a Charles Brinsley Sheridan, owner of Dun Laoghaire's Pavilion Cinema who was well known to the Masters, Officers and men of the Holyhead ships. Mr Sheridan, it seems, was a keen photographer and in fact in him your webmaster can see many parallels with his own activities and interests!

This photograph of Evan R. Pritchard was spotted by Mrs Mary Gallagher of Co Down, Northern Ireland, the texture of the wall in the background ringing a very loud bell! Some years ago, an album of Mr Sheridan's photos from the 1930's and 1940's came into Mary's possession and flicking through it again she noticed many photos obviously taken in that same room. This room has turned out to be an office or board room of the Pavilion Cinema.

Mary has very kindly allowed a selection of the album's contents to be displayed on this site. Together, we have enjoyed filling in some of the blanks and through family members and local Holyhead knowledge we have been able to quickly comment on many of the shots.


Obviously the photos reproduced here, those relevant to this site, are of huge interest to many retired Sealink Masters. For example, Mr R. I. Griffiths, later became Capt Ivor Griffiths, under whose command many later Masters served as second mates. However, one of the prime reasons Mary has kindly shared these is to ultimately return the albums to any member of Brinsley Sherdian's family. 

If you have any information, no matter how small, then we should be delighted to hear from you by email. Please use the email button on the Contact page.

We hope you enjoy these photos and we ask that you repsect their ownership and do not reproduce elsewhere.

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