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The Ferry Terminal


The state-of-the-art terminal for Stena Line's HSS came into full operation with the arrival of the new Stena Explorer in 1996. The facility was laid out along airport lines to process passengers quickly and effortlessly.


Designed by Burke-Kennedy Doyle and Partners, the Ferry Terminal building is surrounded by a large landscaped plaza with seating, palm trees and a fountain and presents a narrow low street frontage.


Vertical emphasis is by way of a glazed circular tower which rises from the centre of the building.


The projecting stone wall is positioned to create a dialogue with both the old Town Hall and the former station buildings and helps to enclose the plaza. The building uses a nautical theme throughout – porthole windows and decking feature, as does large areas of glazing, brise-soleils, and metal panelling. To the front of the building is the new tourist office contained within a curving glass screen and masked by the projecting stone wall.


The ticket booths for vehicular access are given weather protection by large membrane structures which are designed to remind of the heyday of sail and Dun Laoghaire’s great maritime heritage.

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