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Holyhead's Berths - Early 1970's

All berths in Holyhead were numbered initially, the better known names being added later as the harbour developed. For example No 9 was named the Special Berth as the ship that did the 'Special' sailings operated from there regularly. This is the Inner Harbour scene in the early 1970s..​

East Side

No. 1 berth, the Public Quay. 

No. 2 berth, the Public Quay. Piles 128 - 141.

No. 3 berth, the Coaling Berth. Piles  110 - 127.

No. 4 berth. Piles 77 - 109. 

No. 5 berth, the Container Terminal. Piles 45 - 77.

No. 6 berth, the Container Terminal. Piles 35 - 45. Also known as 5/6 berth which the inward mail boat had to negotiate to berth at the mail arrival berth. In the 'gap left over' between the Southern end of the container terminal and the mail arrival berth, Holyhead Towing used to 'park' their tugs, causing one or two grey hairs for the mail boat masters on occasion. 

No. 7 berth, the Mail Arrival berth. Piles 4 - 35.

West Side

No. 8 berth, the Mail Departure berth. Piles 3 - 33.

No. 9 berth, the Special Berth. Piles 34 - 59. Until her withdrawal in 1965 this was the Princess Maud's berth.Not the easiest to berth at due to a slight curve and lost when the Station Berth linkspan was installed.

No. 10 berth, the Goods Inward Berth.  Piles 60 - 84.

The Middle berth. Piles 85 - 98.

No. 11 berth, the Boathouse Berth. Piles 99 to 123

No. 12 berth, the Sheerlegs and Refit Berth. Piles 124 to 141.

Pelham Patch.

The Car Ferry Terminal, Mail Pier. 

Thank you to Capt John Bakewell

and Capt Glynne Pritchard for their assistance.

© Justin Merrigan

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