Princess Maud crews.

Stewards on the Princess Maud including Arthur Williams, Hank Hazelar, Bobby Pritchard, Peter Gibbons and Charlie Coombs. Photo courtesy Phil Coombs

Dining room on the Princess Maud.

On board the Princess Maud; L-R: Bob Davies, Charlie Coombs, Bill Mills, Maldwyn Evans. Photo courtesy Phil Coombs

Charlie Coombs, Cyril North and Ron Langley on board the Princess Maud.

Princess Maud; L-R front: P. Gibbon, ?, Maldwyn Evans. Back: Charlie Coombs, Frankie Thomas. Photo courtesy Phil Coombs

The late Hywel Jones, but who are the two female crew members? believed to be on board the Princess Maud in the late 1950's.